Nos dac kit

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Nos dac kit

This connection runs over I2S protocol, which gives the best sound quality. On board low noise power supply per channel. SMD parts are pre-soldered. Analogue parts are audio grade i. The easy way or for less experienced DIY. All you need to build a complete DAC Fully assembled and tested. During the Warranty Period, Audio Creative will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of this.

What does this limited warranty not cover? This warranty voids when the construction of the kit is not done accordingly to the instructions or poor workmanship in general for example poor soldering and wrong connections of parts or power supplies, i.

Also modifications to the original design and end result is voiding all warranty In case or malfunction, what do you have to do? To obtain warranty service, you must first contact us to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you. Adam US — 18 February Holy smokes, my mouth hit the floor three hours ago and has not returned to my face! I have been listening all afternoon, hearing stuff I never heard before.

The things I notice over my cheap tube DAC I was using are much tighter bass, more detail, wide staging, and more presence. Coupled with a very non-fatiguing, natural sound. Elroy — 23 September Enige tijd geleden heb ik de vorige revisie van de DDDac gekregen van iemand die iets teveel heeft gemodificeerd en deze was dus eigenlijk rijp voor de sloop. Na heel wat uren solderen heb ik deze toch weer aan het spelen gekregen en ik was vol verbazing en heb een week kunnen genieten van dit prachtige wonder totdat de LR draad van het moederbord afbrak, ik vol goede moed deze weer vast gesoldeerd en ik zet de boel aan en het enigste wat er nog over was gebleven van prachte muziek door engelen gezongen op een stralende dag was regen en onweer uit de hel.

De ruis, piepje en kraakjes die geproduceerd werden doen een gezond mens volledig veranderen in een geestelijk gestoorde. Na 2 dagen van depressie kwamen de afkickverschijnselen pas echt naar boven toen ik de DacMagic van Cambrigde weer aan had gesloten. Het geluid daarvan klinkt alsof je op de noordpool in een poolse kantine met wit tl-licht zit met de kachel op 30 en een dikke winterjas aan en sneeuwlaarzen omdat je van de kou zit te klappertanden.

Hier heb ik nog ongeveer 30 seconden naar getracht te luisteren. Na de cambrigde uitgezet te hebben kreeg ik iedere dag steeds meer verlangen naar mooie muziek in mijn woonkamer, met de toenemende zenuw trekken toch op 20 september de knoop doorgehakt en rond uur de nieuwste DDDac Besteld, dan speelt ook nog het probleem op dat je niet kan wachten op je bestelling dus ik de volgende ochtend naar marco een berichtje gestuurd of ik de mogelijkheid had om de dac op te halen.

Godzijdank was dit geen enkel probleem, ik ben rond 3 uur de auto ingesprongen en na 2 uur rijden was dan eindelijk het moment dat ik de dac in ontvangst mocht gaan nemen. Uiteindelijk om uur de soldeerbout maar eens opgestart en de boel georganiseerd op de werkbank en toen kon het solderen eindelijk beginnen. De i2s input header op het moederbord is vervangen voor.

Na al dit gigantische gesleutel en gesoldeer de boel aangesloten op de buizen voorversterker en door naar de versterker om te kijken of die speelt. De dac is tot op de dag van vandaag niet uit geweest en klinkt nog steeds iedere minuut weer beter.

De plaatsing de ruimte de verfijndheid en de definite neemt steeds meer toe en alles valt steeds meer op de juiste plek. Heel belangrijk om mee te geven aan alle muziekliefhebbers die deze dac in bezit hebben is dat je het wave io bord en de dac zelf niet uit zet, de dac heeft uit ervaring zeker 5 dagen nodig op zijn ware potentie te bereiken. Dit is een dac die eigenlijk niet is uit te drukken in woorden maar in daden en die kan je horen!

Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. DDDAC kit add ons:. Audio Creative O.DAC 4. The latest version of the DAC 4. The DAC also has the M2 tube rectified and regulated power supply for ultimate smoothness.

To complete the pure digital to analog design of the DAC 4.

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If you are looking for digital sound reproduction with no digital artifacts and smooth as velvet output with no fatigue then the DAC 4. Rather than using feedback loops and high frequency oversampling clocks to produce an 'approximation' of the digital data as Delta-Sigma types, an R-2R DAC will turn on each required bit in the digital 'word' and the exact amount of current will flow from the chip to reconstruct the analog waveform.

The method is perfect in its simplicity and is reflected in the sound quality. These transformers are manufactured to exacting specifications allowing us to take the DAC 4. Increased definition, authority and high end information allow piano and vocals to strike right in the heart! For the full Andy Grove article, follow this link.

nos dac kit

Our signature board extracts every last bit of detail from your digital source material! In fact you will be amazed it is digital - it sounds that natural and organic. It uses a mains transformer and choke combination with a 6X5 for tube rectification and an ECL82 for regulation. We have found this combination has superb performance and reliability.

In addition there we have a dedicated digital power supply PCB to ensure the sensitive digital circuits are fed with a smooth and quiet power supply. I don't care how many bits are used or samples per second - most manufacturers are obsessed with digital specs and don't put much effort into all the analog circuitry that is involved in a top level DAC. In order to enjoy digital music on a single ended B system for example, their are a number of factors in the architecture that we consider of utmost importance.

Let's look at our own Dac 4. First, in our opinion, this needs to be Non Oversampling Resistor Ladder Architecture R-2R in order to be true to the digital information residing on your disc. Second the digital to analog conversion section needs a superb power supply to provide exact DC voltages.

We do this with our on-board DAC power supply and regulation board. The small analog signal that is created on our DAC board uses a current output from the DAC chip along with a high quality Audio Note tantalum resistor to create the output voltage.

The analogue board is a tube line stage with a transformer coupling associated with it. Our M2 power supply which is both tube rectified and tube regulated provides the HT voltage for this board. The design of the output transformers using C-Cores is also critical to replicate all the frequencies required in the analog signal and be able to drive this signal to the next device in the chain — either an integrated amplifier or a pre-amplifier. Check out the DAC 4. Output level: 2.

Note: our new DAC 4. I just wanted to let you know the workmanship looks stunning. The layout is absolutely neat and everything looks polished. It is obvious you take great pride in your work. Out of the box on first listen I could tell this is a special piece of audio gear.

It has detail and dynamics in spades. After a number of hours of playing time the warmth and presence became more apparent. It has that one character that I love and call "concert hall" sound, the acoustic space of the musical performance.Reader Alex H. It lacks coherence and most of all, presence. I think it's safe to say that many of the people who are attracted to the NOS implementation are also attracted to analog playback and perhaps tube-based amplification and high sensitivity speakers.

Think Tone. The scuttlebutt running mainly underground is that NOS can deliver the digital goods for vinyl lovers. If you know of one or more that I missed, let me know in the comments section and I'll add 'em. Does not employ upsampling but it does employ oversampling. This is really a subject that demands its own post but your 1 is confusing upsampling with oversampling. Oversampling adds additional interpolated data based on existing data points whereas u psampling 'pads' the existing data to reach some arbitrary higher sample rate.

Basically, oversampling is just type of upsampling where resulting digital signal has sampling rate that is integer multiple of the original digital signal. For example 8X oversampling of kHz digital signal is actually upsampling from kHz to kHz. Of course, in DAC implementation they are intended for different goal but that's another story. If answer is NO then literal interpretation of term could lead to confusion don't you think?

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But in its original use, NOS means no up, down or over sampling and also typically means no digital filters. Extensive testing and listening tell us that up-sampling and sample-rate conversion do more harm than good, as does negative feedback.

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Consequently, no form of sample-rate conversion is ever employed. Without too much hyperbole, I could almost cut and paste in here the thoughts expressed in my very first paragraph about what makes vinyl special -- the DAC-9 seemed to do the very same things right, if not, in the end, to quite the same degree. It had a certain liquidity and tonal rightness that ultimately made music more enjoyable.

Pop and rock, or any recordings that live in the middle of the dynamic spectrum, generally sounded fantastic, alive, and vital. I would appear though the same general impression is shared by others. In both cases the Vertex treatment is applied inside the cases on the circuit boards to tackle problems at source, stopping contamination from spreading.

Delta-sigma module using 1-bit conversion must up sample the data stream at least times to execute digital to analog conversion. Surely using a delta-sigma DAC without digital filter enables getting rid of the annoying post- or pre- ringing which is a side effect of every digital low-pass filtering, but we still are left with some fiddling with audio data.

I'm not here to change the world or take some huge stance but I can tell you this. People that state how horrible digital is probably have never heard much solid digital. I have both and I have friends with wildly expensive vinyl setups anti-digital bigots. You have to take as much care with your digital playback chain as people take with their vinyl chain: turntable, arm, cartridge, phono pre amp, pre amp, amp, etc.

I have a NOS digital playback chain that does not break the bank but without doubt, delivers the goods:. As a tube lover, usually I refer NOS as the tubes people love to buy To me, NOS usually sounds more natural but the key is related to digital filterassociated with over-sampling. Audiobyte Unimorph is NOS up to high res.

NOS DAC TDA1543 DIR9001 (Usb input)

The digital filters can be disabled from its menu. I can't wait for someone to review it, it all looks amazingly good on paper.


Four PCM chips are performing pure multibit conversion, followed by a zero-feedback transimpedance analog stage. Also what abotu the Halide Designs Devilsound dac? This will force me to connect the Classe 1 to the preamp as well. This would allow you to connect your file-based music to your Classe DAC. If you're happy with the Classe DAC this would be a relatively inexpensive way to get there.And there may be absent analog filter sometimes.

Read why NOS digital analog converter is used, its types, advantages and disadvantages, oversampling vs non-oversampling DAC. Traditionally, PCM digital-analog converters have oversamplers to provide better work of analog filter.

nos dac kit

Non-oversampling digital analog converter is used to rid oversampling artefacts digital filter's ringing audio and pass band magnitude deviation. It is usual DAC without oversampler and digital filter module. Thus for non-oversampling DAC sample rate should be high enough, to provide more effective suppressing of first by frequency group of aliases by analog filter. It allow us rid of analog filter frequency and phase distortions. Analog filter may be active contains operational amplifiers, transistors, tubes.

NOS vs OS (no oversampling vs oversampling)

It is mean that active analog filter can also cause non-linear distortions. But "no analog filter" mean that well known "stairs" are present at output. Let's consider the spectrum of the "stairs". DAC output without analog filter it is spectrum of the "stairs".

Alias spectrum is copy of audio signal. Also part of them is flipped by frequency. If half of sample rate above 20 kHz, all aliases are located in ultrasound range. And we can't hear it. Some people say, that ear works as analog filter. And it is really so. But there are no absolutelly linear audio systems. It cause intermodulation distortions of ultrasound components. And intermodulation products by ultrasound components appear into audible frequency range.

And these products correlate with useful audio signal. It is not good. Level of the intermodulation products depend on non-linearity. Aliases have level same to useful audio signal.

The more level of ultrasound, the more level of its intermodulation products. Also need to remember that analog parts of apparatus have dynamic range limitation.

And maximal level of signal thansmitted thru the analog parts defined by summary spectrum energy of the audio signal and its aliases.Post a Comment.

The manual doesn't say. I'm inclined to think that one of the advantages of R2R Dac's is that they don't require the huge amount of oversampling that Sigma Delta Dac's require.

Even if they are not used in an oversampling circuit, Sigma Delta Dacs have at least 64x oversampling and usually much more now built in, that's how they work. But it may also be that R2R dacs simply have more resolution at each point they generate, and they sound better because of that, and the oversampling as such may be immaterial.

Sigma Delta DAC's have bits of resolution, and all the rest is made up faked? One other question I have: do Sigma Delta DAC's use feedback to get correct results, or is the oversampling all that's needed? And the DF does 8x oversampling.

nos dac kit

It also accepts inputs up to 96kHz. So it's a perfect match with what I've got. Anyway, now that I've started to go off the Objectophile ranch they say that all DACs sound the same, and also that there is no reason why R2R DACs should sound better, and they could be worse because they have poorer measured linearity, and they don't like that idea that you would go with something that measures worse because of your superstition, though they still maintain they all sound the same with a R2R DAC, I've been thinking about the non oversampling approach too.

Many appear to confuse the two concepts, oversampling vs non-oversampling, and ladder R2R vs sigma delta. But most ladder R2R Dacs as equipment do use some oversampling, they only raise the possibility of getting away with none. Here's a great thread which lists a bunch of non-oversampling Dacs equipment, not chips you can buy. I don't like the fact that they use transformers for I2V and output coupling, though it is one way to get around the ultrasonics a problem with a lot of NOS DAC's.

This thread at DIYAudio has become quite popular, growing to over pages! The objective measurements didn't look good.

So at the end of the day, this is glorified mud! Throw enough mud on the wall until it weighs enough. Not too much different from PWM systems.

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I'm convinced now. Give me real PCM!!! Oversampled or not, it's still better than mud! No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.By alexhJune 15, in DIY. I was then going to build one with dual power supplies, upgraded transformers etc but would cost a fair packet so I decided to sell the Dac to finance the new build. As it was going to take a bit of saving up, I wanted something to play with while waiting for funds to build up.

It is not as simple to put together as the AN kit, you will need a case, connectors and switches etc but if you are a fairly experienced builder it will not be a problem. How does it sound after the AN Dac?

Very interesting Alex. I've just ordered this kit albeit in basic form to begin with. The four board version of this DAC that I have heard was very impressive. Stupid question got right answer. LOL, It was directed at myself for not stating which kit. My insomnia playing up again, makes me a bit. I should have been more specific.

I looked at the site and the stacked looks very tasty. Very interested in making my own. Thanks for starting the thread. This is an old photo, I've fitted balanced connectors to match the circuitry on the Ayre preamp and its improved things further.

Credit must go to IanS1 who first took the plunge and then built mine for me.

2016 April UPDATE: NEW...

He has a 4 DAC board version with Mungdorf silver gold caps. We've tried both in my set up and the improvement is there, bit more weight and a bit more air. We are now clubbing together to make a separate 'play-board' to experiment with.

To be honest I think that will yield more improvement than 4 boards, and of course we'll be able to find out soon enough.

One things for certain, its the best digital I've heard, especially in Ian's system. Hi James, Yes I have made a case for it machined out of billet Aluminium. I need to fine tune the drawing beforehand as I got a couple of sums wrong that were picked up by the engineers.

Interesting thread. I started a DAC build a few months ago and it's still going strong. It would be great to have a bake off but mine isn't very transportable at the moment. I have almost reached the point where I need to start to think about boxes and alexh's machined aluminium sounds really exciting. I'd love to see the results and perhaps a group buy is an option? I went through trying loads of IV capacitors and have ended up with the duelund coppers I have 4 x Mundorf silver gold etc going if anyone's interested.

I keep meaning to stick them on here. I am a bit buried with work at the moment, but over the weekend I will fine tune the drawing for the case, there will be 2 options, one for the 4 stack and a taller one for the 8 stack.Welcome Login. Cart Checkout. New products. Display all pictures. This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product.

Availability date:. Due to it's unique identity, many people has tried to make TDA DAC but most are failed due to it's incompatible offset binary input format with the latest receiver.

But finally, our advanced logic engineer has done it in only few weeks and with the best algorithm for diyer to easily play with it. With our enhanced and optimized redesign, it has no phase different problem as the other convertor in the market.

This PCB is target for audiophile. The sound from this DAC is unique, sweet, clear and full of detail that the newest cutting edge delta sigma DAC can never produce.

If you haven't taste this kind of sound before it's definitely a regret for an audiophile. For advanced usage, the latest version of TDA datasheet is available.

Please contact us if you want to buy more than two, thanks. View Add to cart. No products USD0. Tags nano apple ipod. No customer comments for the moment. Write your review. Premium Quality.


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